My name's Kiplin. I post things I like & some of my own photos too. Yo, it's a grand universe. Ch-check out my Flickr if you want.
My life. (Taken with Instagram at California Yogurt Co)
I have never understood the social pressure mowing lawns. This is just better. 🌾🌷 (Taken with Instagram at Nest)
The bitch nest only allows silver cars (Taken with Instagram at Nest)
Lauren discusses the luxurious convenience of her new shower caddy. (Taken with Instagram at Nest)
Happy shelf (Taken with instagram)
This is what I’m studying for my test today. Way to make PowerPoint slides interesting, prof. @katyclaire  (Taken with Instagram at Torreyson Library @ UCA)
WHY IS PHILLIPE A CARROT? (Taken with Instagram at Nest)
The accumulation of wristbands from this weekend. A sure sign of a good time. #treefort  (Taken with instagram)
Of Montreal. Thought of you @claire_downes. Miss listening to them with you gurrl #treefort (Taken with instagram)
Of Montreal tonight. There were crowd surfing dragons & drag queens.  (Taken with Instagram at Treefort Main Stage)
Built to Spill was built to rock. #treefort  (Taken with Instagram at Treefort Main Stage)
Ordered a sweet potato black bean burger from here that was scrumptious. This place was beautifully classy (Taken with Instagram at Red Feather)
What would I do without galaxies on my legs? (Taken with Instagram at Treefort Main Stage)
Flying over some snow capped mountains. #Treefort bound! (Taken with instagram)
I should start actually wearing my earrings. (Taken with instagram)